Through The Grim DeathEdit

"Through The Grim Death" is a four-part series featuring some of the early works and darker pieces of Alex's classical music. It is CD01A-CD01D on the CD numbering system. Disc 1 has been released, Disc 2 is due for release soon, and Discs 3 and 4 are coming in the following years.

Disc 1 (Red)
Through the Grim Death-Disc 1 Red

The first disc in the series. Released September 6, 2011. Available on iTunes, Amazon On Demand,and elsewhere.


01. Opening Suite (Original)
02. Battle to the Death (Original)
03. Koscisle Suite (Mix I)
04. Black Night
05. The End of the Road
06. Acid (Mix I)
07. Falling Walls
08. March of the Dead
09. A Fiery Cave
10. Acid (Mix II)
11. Running From The Shadows
12. March of the Dead (Alternate Ending)
13. Crystal Rain
14. Acceleration (Mix I)
15. A Fiery Cave (Extended)
16. Battle to the Death 2.0
17. Koscisle Suite (Mix II)
18. Ending Suite (Mix I)


1. The first five tracks on Disc 1 were composed before the idea of "Through The Grim Death" had begun. They were originally going to be on another CD, "An Inglorious Empire" (Which will be another album released much later).

2. The water in each of the album art fades into another color as it moves down to the titling. This color that it fades into is the color of the next disc. This feature was entirely unintentional.

3. The only reason some tracks are labeled "2.0" instead of "Mix II" was because the composer didn't originally plan for there to be a reprise.