The Numbering SystemEdit

The discography of albums released by Alex Rhodes follows a precise numbering system. There are two different ones: for albums and for singles.


The numbering system followed for albums consist of CD__, the blanks being the CD number. The number isn't referring to in the order of releases, but in the order of Alex's discography. For example, CD01 is the Through The Grim Death. Adding on to that, anything after the numbers are a lettering system, indicating discs within an album. For example, CD01A is Through The Grim Death, Disc 1. Below is a list of the numbering system and the album accompanying it.

CD01: Through The Grim Death

CD02: Information Unreleased

CD03: The Synthesizer Remixes

CD04: Loops of the Craft

CD05: Information Unreleased

CD06: Information Unreleased

CD07: Information Unreleased

CD08: Information Unreleased

CD09: Information Unreleased

CD10: Information Unreleased

CD11: Information Unreleased

CD12: Information Unreleased


Singles follow the same order within the discography. The only difference is, the letter is an S (for "single") instead of CD. There is also no lettering system after the numbers, as there is no such thing as a multi-disc single. Below is a list of the numbering system and the single accompanying it.

S01: Create Chaos

S02: 78 (Opening Suite Overture)

S03: Overcast (Orchestral Suite)

S04: Information Unreleased